Superior Taste Award 3 stars

News March 31, 2021

Despite Covid, 800 Food & Beverage producers invest in taste

Covid or no Covid, over 800 food and drink producers from around the world show their focus on taste by submitting their products to the 2020 blind test by the International Taste Institute’s prestigious Chefs and Sommeliers. 1510 products receive the well-known Superior Taste Award. Brussels, Belgium, June 2nd, 2020: As each year, the prestigious jury of Chefs and Sommeliers of the International Taste Institute has evaluated the taste of food and drink products registered for the Superior Taste Award certification. The results of the tests have just been released by the Taste

Institute. This year, 1510 products were certified: the names of the products awarded and of their respective

producer are posted on the International Taste Institute’s website

All the products certified passed a rigorous sensory evaluation by reputed Chefs and Sommeliers from

different European Culinary Associations according to a blind tasting methodology. Each drink or foodproduct is attributed a taste score and depending on the results, it may receive the well-known “Superior Taste Award” certification.

The awards for the certified products are distributed as follows:

1 Star (“very good taste”, or a score between 70 and 80 %): 430 awarded

2 Stars (“notable taste”, or a score between 80 and 90%): 755 awarded

3 Stars (“Remarkable taste”, or a score over 90%): 325 awarded

Srifah Frozen Food Co., Ltd. has sent products “Thai Coconut Roll Original” to be tested and evaluated. And the results are very satisfying, being awarded a 3 stars”, which means a guarantee from many European associations of good and delicious taste. Making us even more confident to deliver Our Thai Coconut Roll can advance internationally around the world.


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