“SUTHERA” Thai coconut roll

“SUTHERA Origin”

SUTHERA brand was established in 20 years ago. The brand is full of passion and love for traditional Thai coconut roll wafers. Mr.Vichien Jentrakulroj, the founder of Srifa Bakery, tried to produce the Thai coconut roll wafers by his own hands. He made it to be more luscious and more crunchy by using the highest quality ingredients such as coconuts from southern Thailand and and coconut sugar (Palm sugar) from Samut Songkram.

By focusing on the three goals of determination, meticulousness and originality, Suthera brand have grown and progressed together with our factory from small businesses to international industrial factory. 

Why do we call … “SUTHERA”

In Thailand, the warmth of family and full of love is the excellent culture of the country. The name “SUTHERA” is a combination of the alphabets and vowels from all the family members’ name of the founder Mr.Vichien Jentrakulroj.

“SUTHERA” also shows the uniqueness of Thailand. Even in English, the word still has a unique and auspicious meaning.

Therefore, we choose SUTHERA as the brand name. We expect the Thai coconut rolled wafer with heartfulness rolled in every piece from SUTHERA, to be as the representative of Thai culture, to become more widespread outstanding.

 Heart of “Suthera” Thai Coconut Roll

Suthera Thai coconut roll is using fresh coconut milk as the main ingredient. Therefore, select a  coconut origin plantation is one of the most important steps. Selected coconut plantation can guarantee we would get the best quality and fresh coconut meat daily. We squeeze fresh coconut milk from the selected fresh coconut meat every day before producing the coconut roll.

As we all know, there are many places in Asia can plant the coconut, but there are few place can plant the coconut with tasty, honeyed, and high quality. So, origin place of coconut is very important.

Fortunately, the southern of Thailand is one of the best rich natural coconut growing origin place in the world. From here, you can have the high quality coconut milk as the great ingredients for cooking. One of the best coconut plantations named ‘Phapsakae Coconut’, which is in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The coconut growing in here is thick flesh with rich honeyed and tasty. It is the ideal and perfect raw material to squeeze the high quality coconut milk. And it’s assuredly chosen to be the main ingredient of Suthera Thai coconut rolls.

Another most important main ingredient is “coconut sugar or palm sugar”, which Thai people call “Nam Tarn Puek”


Coconut sugar is a sweetener made from the sap present in the flower buds of coconut palm trees. Cut the flower buds with fertilization growing as young bud coconuts, there will be sweetness liquid from a coconut palm tree. Simmering the sweetness liquid, there is the palm sugar.  (suggest to add 1-2 sentences to introduce, comparing the white sugar, how coconut sugar do good to healthy.)

Let us know more about coconuts.

When talking about coconuts, most people may misunderstand that you can squeeze all coconuts into coconut milk, but it’s actually not.

Suthera concluded that there are two types of coconut:

  1. Aromatic coconut is famous. It is a natural cool drink with a sweet taste. You can drink coconut water in coconut juice or you can eat young coconut meat. It’s the type of coconut for drink and eat, but it’s not the type of coconut to squeeze the coconut milk.
  2. Coconut for squeezing coconut milk, Thai people call “Ripen coconut” because of its thick flesh.

When the coconut is picked from the coconut tree, it’s still green and young. We need to wait for at least one week, until the coconuts turn from green to brown, and become ripen,  then we can open the brown coconut and get the coconut meat. 

Coconut milk squeezed from this type of coconut would be rich, oily-sweet, and honeyed which the qualities that can only be found in this type of coconut.

SUTHERA’S Intention

 We punctiliously select high-quality ingredients to produce the coconut rolls. With 100 % from freshly squeezed coconut milk from our factory with the best quality of palm sugar as the ingredient, also the fresh fruit simmered with coconut milk such as banana, durian, pandanus leaf, purple sweet potato and etc. In addition to maintain and preserve the authentic Thai coconut rolled wafers.

 We also meticulously design the packaging to be stylish, charming, suitable to be the great Thai souvenir and wildly spread the culture of Thailand, not less than souvenirs from any nations in the world.

 We believe Suthera will be widely welcomed by people all around the world, because Suthera Thai coconut roll, is rolled by heart and rolled by love.



is what we have always believed in Therefore, we selectively pick the finest and freshest ingredient daily, from picking only premiumquality coconuts, to each step of the process to maintain a good quality of every piece of our roll.


is the secret ingredient that we dedicate to every step of the production, not to mention, the attentiveness on every single piece of the Suthera’s roll to guarantee the finest quality.


is Suthera’s most significant identity. We intend to preserve the originality in every single piece of our roll to deliver the authentic taste.

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